Feb.1-7 Watch Free Online – World Interfaith Harmony Week

To celebrate the upcoming official DVD / Streaming release and World Interfaith Harmony Week Feb. 1-7 (EST), we are going to offer everyone to watch the film privately for free for a week. Come back to this website during the week and enjoy the multi-award winning film.


  1. Thank you for this free learning opportunity.

  2. I look forward to participating in this important learning event.

  3. Jacqueline Belhumeur

    Looking forward to understanding this practice and the decision to or not to wear the hijab.

  4. Looking forward to this viewing.

  5. I’m eager to see it after viewing the trailer – thanks for making it available.

  6. Cannot wait to screen this with my first year womens’ and gender studies students on Feb 3! Thank you for making this public!