Official Endorsement from NCCM

We received an official endorsement from National Council of Canadian Muslim Women (NCCM)!

“Between Allah and Me (and Everyone Else) shares the experiences of four diverse Canadian Muslim women and their varied relationships with the Islamic headscarf (hijab). Filmmaker Kyoko Yokoma effortlessly provides a cinematic platform for these outspoken individuals to share their viewpoints with honesty, candour, and humour. The film offers audiences of all faiths and backgrounds a rare opportunity to learn more about a religious observance that has been politicized, romanticized, condemned and embraced around the world. A welcome addition to the slowly emerging narratives of Canadian Muslim women!”

-Amira Elghawaby, Communication Director, National Council of Canadian Muslim Women (NCCM)

One Comment

  1. it is not obligatory. Any salohcr that is on the Sunnah will tell you the only difference of opinion comes in when it is regarding covering the face. The face covering is a minority opinion and the majority opinion that that is is not obligatory to do so.English translation of ‘modest’ does not mean that is all hijab is. Qur’an is in Arabic. Allah revealed this Qur’an in arabic is from Qur’an even. So you must analyse and access laws of Allah from the arabic. You cannot extract legal rulings from the english meaning. Anything but arabic is not actually Qur’an. That is mushaf.If hijab was not obligatory then why did the Prophet admonish Asma bint Abi Bakr when she came in to his home and said the only 2 things that should be seen of a girl after they hit puberty is the face and the hands (which he indicated through pointing to them). He (RasulAllah) said this because Asma bint Abi Bakr (yes Aisha’s sister) was wearing a sheer dress. This was the custom of the people. Some rules like the style, brightness or lack of colour is up to culture and custom of the people but hijab is not up for questions, such as it is haram for a women to go out with make up and perfume on.So we are clear. Hijab is obligatory, and there is no interpretation of this that is valid within Islam.