Copyright and Use Agreement for Between Allah & Me (and Everyone Else)

A tiered pricing option is offered according to the general usage for each type of organization.Ā  These prices are based on industry standards used by most independent film producers. We independent filmmakers rely on public support to keep producing documentary films and making them available to the public.

By purchasing this film, you agree to all the Copyright and Use Agreement terms as stated below.

1. ConnectedEarth and Kyoko Yokoma, the creator of the film, have the exclusive copyrights to film Between Allah & Me (and Everyone Else). The sale of this DVD does not constitute a transfer of copyright interest to any purchaser nor does it permit any purchaser to copy, digitize or stream the film.

2. License for Colleges /UniversitiesĀ /Businesses / Government (DVD)

A film purchased under this category may be circulated and screened at higher education institutions, including public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, graduate schools, advanced degree programs, medical education institutions, events hosted by government agencies, and commercial businesses for in-house audiences, not open to public.

3.Ā  License for K-12Ā /Public Libraries (DVD with PPR)
A film purchased under this category may be circulated and screened publicly in high schools, government agencies, libraries, community organizations (such as church groups and civic organization) and other non-profits. Purchase effectively means lease for the life of the videodisc. The use of the film must be in-house, for educational purposes only.

4.Ā License for K-12 /Ā Public Libraries/ Community Groups / Non-profitsĀ (DVD without PPR)

Public libraries can purchase an educational license without Public Performance Rights (PPR) for a significant discounted price. The purpose of this license is strictly for lending to patrons for home-use viewing.

5. License for Public Screening Events (DVD or HD digital download in HD)
Anyone or any groups/organization can host a screening event once with this purchase. The hostsĀ can charge admissionĀ or collect donations. TheĀ event can be outside the premise of the hosting organizations. We can also supply HD content by request. The DVD disc needs to be returned to our address after the event, or can be purchased with an additional price of DVD without PPR.

6. Digital Site LicensesĀ (Digital download in HD)
Institutions who operate their own digital streaming systems that areĀ only available for their members or patrons can purchase this license instead of using Kanopy Streaming. A $5.99 handling fee will be charged but shown as “shipping fee” in the transaction. This is a one-time purchase similar to DVDs, and includes public performance rights for in-house, non-paying audience. The buyer is not permitted to duplicate the digital file for dissemination.

7. For international buyersĀ outside the United States and Canada
Please note that the DVD is in NTSC format. You mayĀ also consider purchase a digital site license. If you’re affiliated with post-secondary educational institutions, you may already have access to our streaming service provider, Kanopy StreamingĀ or you may be able to purchase through them.

8. The DVD and the film are registered and protected under the United States copyrights protection law. Ā