Touching and humanizing. … An illuminating glimpse into the lives of a set of Muslim women and the role of the Hijab in their lives (whether they choose to wear it or not). Great filmmaking and I appreciate the courage of the women profiled.” – Stuart from Oregon State University

Survey Shows the Strong Impact of the Film

Claire Nicolas, Associate Professor of Human Ecology at the University of Nebraska -Lincoln conducted a post-screening survey on the impact of Between Allah & Me.

The result was astonishing. The film truly helped the students understand the belief, culture and diversity of Muslim women and their community.

Click to view the result larger.

Post-Screening Survey - Univ. of Nebraska -Lincoln


Awards / Special Mentions: 

  • Golden Sheaf Award, Yorkton Film Festival
  • Award or Merit, Accolade Global Film Competition
  • Featured Filmmaker, Princeton Independent Film Festival
  • Reel Rose Award Nominee, Best Documentary, Rhythm of Life Award, John Paul II Interfaith Film Festival  (award to be announced)
  • Award Nominee, International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, Visionary (award to be announced)

Film Festivals:

  • Global Peace Film Festival
  • Yorkton Film Festival
  • Freedom Film Fest KOMAS
  • John Paul II Interfaith Film Festival
  • Princeton Independent Film Festival (Featured Filmmaker)
  • Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema
  • International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, Visionary


  • Director / Producer / Editor / 2nd Camera    Kyoko Yokoma
  • Cinematographer    Robin Lupita Bain
  • Sound Recording    Mary Wong
  • Second Camera: Kyoko Yokoma
  • Sound Design: Dwayne Newman
  • Length: 60 min.
  • Format: HD
  • Production Year: 2015

Recommended by Video Librarian!

Screenshot 2016-07-16 12.30.06

Video Librarian, a leading review magazine in the United States for librarians, recommended Between Allah & Me in its July/August issue.

Here is what the reviewer Kathleen C. Fennessy had to say about the film:

“Toronto filmmaker Kyoko Yokoma interviews four women who wear the hijab in this nonjudgmental documentary. Farida, who is of Turkish decent, grew up in Russia at a time when the state discouraged religious expression, so she’s been trying to make up for lost time. She studies the Qur’an and prays five times a day, although her mother doesn’t see the point of the hijab. Farida also trades in her short-sleeved tops and above-the-knee skirts for more modest apparel. When she attended Islamic school as child, Shaila felt like a sinner until her mother bought her a hijab. After wearing it for 20 years, she has now entered politics, and decides that it doesn’t feel right anymore, so she only wears the hijab for special occasions. As she puts it, “I feel that Allah can rad my heart, and that;s what Islam is to me”. At the beginning of the dilm, Naima, a student, believes that wearing the Hijab is the right thing to do — although she isn’t sure the it’s mandatory, since religious scholars disagree on the point —but she comes to the same conclusion as Shaila, and stops wearing it. Since she wore the hijab for four years, those when know her express surprise, but she assures them that her beliefs haven’t changed. Her friend, Sarah, has her mother’s support for wearing the hijab, but her secular father criticizes the practice , calling it a relic from an earlier era. By allowing her subjects to speak for themselves, Yokoma offers viewers who are interested in religion and gender studies much food for thought in this documentary this is sure to provoke discussion. Recommended.”

Jan. 30 / Feb. 5 Two Screening Events in Toronto

There will be two screenings before and during the World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Jan. 3oth (Sat.) 6pm @ Tao Sangha Healing Centre

375 Jane St, Toronto, ON M6S 3Z3  (Director in attendance)

Feb. 5th (Fri.) 7pm @ Beit Zatoun

612 Markham St., Toronto, ON M6G 2L8  (Director in attendance)


Feb.1-7 Watch Free Online – World Interfaith Harmony Week

To celebrate the upcoming official DVD / Streaming release and World Interfaith Harmony Week Feb. 1-7 (EST), we are going to offer everyone to watch the film privately for free for a week. Come back to this website during the week and enjoy the multi-award winning film.

Between Allah & Me distributed in Japan and elsewhere

Between Allah & Me (and Everyone Else) is now distributed by Video Kobo AKAME to universities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.


The English DVD will be available by the end of January through this website.


Stay tuned.




Special 3 day offer to watch the film for free!

Thank you for following the development of our film for long time.

We are happy to offer you a special gift. For the next 3 days, you can finally watch Between Allah & Me (and Everyone Else) and for FREE!

Offer ends on December 27th.


If you like the film, request your local libraries and schools order a copy here.

You can also host a screening. Start here.
DVD will be available in January and your libraries and schools can reserve it through this website.

Production Note is Added

Production Note is added to this website that reveals the director’s thought and how this compelling film became what it is.


Just Film Award / Youth Peace Int’l F. F.

Between Allah & Me has won Just Film Award in San Francisco,

and will be screened early December (3rd or 4th) in Indonesia at Youth Peace Int’l Film Festival.


International Award of Excellence

Between Allah & Me just won International Award of Excellence from International Film Festival  Spirituality-Religion-Visionary in Jakarta, Indonesia, the largest Muslim country on earth!

Festival Website

Official Selection at 2 Festivals in Florida

We are excited to announce that Between Allah & Me has been officially selected by two great film festivals in Florida.



BAME won Another Award from Accolade Global Film Competition

BAME won Award of Merit at Accolade Global Film Competition!

This is the second film award in one month!

See more details about the competition and award on the Press Release.


Accolade Laurel 450

BAME won the Golden Sheaf Award!

Between Allah & Me (And Everyone Else) won the Golden Sheaf Award in the multicultural category at Yorkton Film Festival, the longest running film festival in North America.

The director Kyoko Yokoma accepted the award at Yorkton Film Festival on May 24th at award gala.

See Press for the press release.




Between Allah & Me nominated for Golden Sheaf Award!

Between Allah & Me (and Everyone Else), a documentary film directed by Kyoko Yokoma, has been nominated for a prestigious Golden Sheaf Award in the multicultural category at Yorkton Film Festival, the longest running film festival in North America.

The festival will be held from Mary 21 to 25.

Press Kit and Poster are available for free downloads. Go check PRESS.



Official Endorsement from NCCM

We received an official endorsement from National Council of Canadian Muslim Women (NCCM)!

“Between Allah and Me (and Everyone Else) shares the experiences of four diverse Canadian Muslim women and their varied relationships with the Islamic headscarf (hijab). Filmmaker Kyoko Yokoma effortlessly provides a cinematic platform for these outspoken individuals to share their viewpoints with honesty, candour, and humour. The film offers audiences of all faiths and backgrounds a rare opportunity to learn more about a religious observance that has been politicized, romanticized, condemned and embraced around the world. A welcome addition to the slowly emerging narratives of Canadian Muslim women!”

-Amira Elghawaby, Communication Director, National Council of Canadian Muslim Women (NCCM)

A Full-Page Article on the Film

I and Naima, one of the film’s participant who lives in Richmond Hill, met Zarzour Kim, a wonderful journalist for Richmond Hill Liberal last Thursday.
The paper published a FULL-PAGE about the film project and fundraising campaign.Liberal Article:

RichmondHillLiberal  by Mike Barrett

THE LAST PUSH – IndieGoGo Campaign Offician Launch

We have launched an Indie Go Go Campaign to give a finishing touch to the film.
To support and get a deal, go to:

Any amount is very much appreciated.


Update: Trailer Competition / HotDocs

The Trailer of Between Allah and Me will be played on a big screen for a trailer competition.

Date & Time: May 29th, 2013, 5:30 PM

Event: Multimedia Film Festival of York Region

Location: Newmarket Theatre, 505 Pickering Crescent, New Market, Ontario

Watch the Trailer.


A rough cut of Between Allah and Me is available for screening through Doc Shop at HotDocs International Documentary Film Festival for registered industry representatives.



I found this nothing but beautiful.